Wireless Headphones a History


Have you ever had the wire of your headphones get stuck in a completely random object (that you didn’t even know was there)? Did it grind your gears? Well, some wise sciency techy guy might have experienced it too and thought, “Damnit, I need to get rid of these God-forsaken wires,” And that’s how wireless headphones came into being.

I am just kidding. The first wireless headphones were made in 1920 by Nathaniel Baldwin, and were the only method electrical audios were heard before the development of amplifiers. However, fast forward to now, and they have solved the issue of headphone wires being entangled to hell. So thanks, Nathaniel Baldwin.

Where did they get their name from?

Do you know where they got their name from? Bluetooth got its name from Harald “Blatant” who once united fighting Viking tribes, and then welcomed them to Denmark. And headphones because they are like phones. They are worn on the head. Makes sense.

The Bluetooth headphones were thrown in the mainstream industry, especially after Apple removed the headphone jack from their devices. Then, companies like Motorola and HTC thought it was a good idea to follow suit. Well, even if you don’t own any one of the above-mentioned brands, there are certain things you can look for in a pair before buying one.

Things to consider

  •  First of all, you need to get a Bluetooth pair if you have a phone that does not feature a headphone jack. In that case, buying one becomes a necessity. Because you are not able to use a USB C headphone dongle if you are charging your phone at the same time. So to avoid the unnecessary hassle, get a Bluetooth headphones pair.
  •  The sound quality. You can check the quality by running an audio check on the headphones before you buy them. That will give you some idea about their quality. Make sure you do that before the purchase.
  • 3Wireless headphones feature their rechargeable battery, and their battery life depends on that. Good battery life is going to provide you with long term ease.
  • Wireless headphones vs. wired headphones; a comparison
  • Wireless headphones don’t have wires that get caught up in everything. One point to wireless headphones.

There are many other differences, too, which are as follows:

  •  Battery: Wireless headphones have a limitation of use due to the battery. Wired headphones do not have any battery limitation so that it will not be an issue.
  •  Portability: They are both equally convenient when it comes to portability. Some may be more convenient, but that solely depends upon their design, wires or not.
  • Quality of audio: The wireless headphones have an audio quality that is inferior to that of the wired headphones, that is the general rule. But the quality varies with brand and price range.
  •  Compatibility: Both kinds of headphones are extremely compatible, but a double check to see if your device is compatible should be done to be on the safer side.
  •  Price: Last, but not least, the price. Wireless headphones are pricier, but it mostly depends upon your range.