Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds. Let’s face it; we’ve all had our concerns when it comes to these tiny devices. When Apple first announced its wireless earbuds, dubbed as ‘Airpods,’ it was a shocker for many of us. This was simply because it was a whole new concept, and people all over were confused as to how these Airpods were going to be ‘plugged in’ for use. It turns out that they don’t have to be, wireless earbuds are connected to devices via Bluetooth.

This brought about another slew of questions. If you are thinking of making this little investment as well and cannot rid yourself of the apprehension, then don’t worry we’ve got your back. We’ll answer all your queries and tell you everything there is to know about these earbuds!

1. Are they safe?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that wireless Bluetooth connections make use of signals that are similar to Wi-Fi signals. However, the frequency of these signals is muted even further; therefore, it is completely safe for human usage. As compared to a regular smartphone, the frequency is perhaps a thousand times less so that should put you at ease.

Having these fears is natural, especially after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries’ exploding incidents. The batteries were to the lithium-ion powered ones used in most wireless devices, but that is rare if anything. To exercise some extra precaution, you can put the earbuds in their case when they are not in use.

2. Why do I need them?

If you are a regular at the gym or enjoy running/working out, in general, you understand the need to have good music on in the background. You can also relate to the struggle that most of us face when it comes to regular earbuds, untangling that mess alone can put you off. Luckily, you don’t have that problem with wireless buds.

You can also experience much more mobility while you are working out or running with nothing in the way to distract you. Some newer models are even said to be okay for swimming. Simply pair your device with the earbuds, and you are free to roam around to your heart’s content. Just as a side note, it works well for people who have chores to do all around the house too.

3. Features

There are wireless earphones with mic as well so you can talk on the phone while you are on the move, without the hassle of having to hold up the mic jack to your mouth like you would have to do with regular earphones. Total battery life after a full charge is about four-five hours, but they charge up relatively quickly otherwise as well.


Hopefully, all the points above have done something to ease your mind and push you in the right direction. Wireless earbuds are definitely worth the investment. Once you have your hands on them, you won’t believe you ever thought you could do without them!