Smartwatch a Guide to Buying the Best


Smartwatches with the latest features, such as notifications and apps, are undoubtedly attractive. However, the perfect smartwatch for you is one which is congruous with your needs, saves your time, and helps you keep tabs on your health. Modern smartwatches contain built-in features such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and heart rate monitors. Here are some things you need to look at before purchasing a smartwatch.


The appearance of your new smartwatch matters a lot, considering smartwatches come in many shapes and colors, each exuding a different aura. For businesspeople, classic black, rectangular smartwatches are best for public wear, while athletes may prefer sporty looking watches such as smart bands.


Size depends on the person buying the watch. For women, case sizes and strap sizes less than 44 mm look beautiful, while men might prefer bulky, heavy and intimidating watches. Carefully check the length and width of the straps before your purchase.


Weight has a significant effect on your choice while buying products such as watches and phones. A lightweight watch is a right choice for you when it comes to everyday wear. However, there’s no harm in getting a more fashionable and heavier watch for formal occasions such as business retreats or important meetings, as long as you don’t have to wear it often.

Are the straps changeable?

Thick straps don’t work for every outfit and occasion, just like thin straps don’t. If you intend to use the same watch every day, you may want to check if you can change straps to suit your gear. Some smartwatch straps have sensors attached inside them, which makes them irreplaceable.

Is the watch swim-proof?

There’s no saying when your smartwatch might slip out of your hand and where it may end up. In that case, you should be prepared. Water-proof smartwatches are most compatible, especially for trips to places like waterparks and waterfalls. You should check the water-proof rating before buying a smartwatch. The IP67 rating indicates that the watch is water-resistant up to 1 meter, while the IPX7 rating means water and dust resistance up to 1 meter. Some watches are rated IP68, which means water resistance up to 1.5 meters. The 5ATM rating makes a watch waterproof up to 50 meters.

Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, or both?

Almost all smartwatches have Bluetooth connectivity for transfer and syncing of data. However, the more advanced smartwatches have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, keeping you connected even when your phone is not with you. Extensive smartwatches have cellular connectivity, which makes them compatible to operate even without phones.

Notification Features

With a little searching, you can find a smartwatch which would make the perfect companion for your phone. Wear OS smartwatches have an added notification stream which updates you with news from your phone at a moment’s glance.


A smartwatch is a must-have in today’s society. Get yourself a smartwatch without letting the past hold you back because fortunately, there’s a wide range of products to choose from.