BlackBerry Case Covers

Two basic styles to get the case are useful to get the BlackBerry smartphone – the holster and the covered bag. The holster style covers all sides of the device, but the top, which is pencil for convenience. The covered bag, on the other hand, has a top closure, usually with a snap, two get better to hold the device in case when it is jostled or turned. The first decision to think about making a BlackBerry case is what style you want to make. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The holster style, however, is a little letter making and requires less leather. Lr – When choosing leather to get the case, it is important to make sure that the finished bag is both protective and not urgent.

Try to find soft leather around a 1/8 inch thick and without large flaws, wear or thin spots. You can buy the toolbar most craft shops, but you will probably need to color it even if you don’t want a light tan. You may be able to find the drug stores or save it from goods purchased from store stores. Construction – The basic construction of a BlackBerry case is simple. Cut one piece of leather width the unit and long enough to wrap vertically around it so that the nude top is exposed or long enough to wrap all the way around and overlap significantly. This forms the main body of the sheath, as you sew side panels two get to keep it in proper shape.

Take all the measurements directly from the BlackBerry you want to keep the case. Insert the pieces inside out, use a wax thread. Turn it to the right side so that the grease is completely the inside of the case. If you make a covered bag, sew a snap to the underside of the overlapping flap and the face of the May bag. Try to avoid snap over the BlackBerry screen, as the pressure from repeatedly closing may damage the device. Attachments – View details for your homemade leather BlackBerry case is how you want to attach it to your belt or other items. The two basic methods are a belt loop or clip.

To create a tie loop, put a rectangle on the back of the case with top and bottom so that a belt can slide through. And Clamps are much easier to buy than make and can be found by some textile and craft shops and sewn the back of the case. Everything you use to sew it well with more threads two get to reinforce the connection since it will support the weight. BlackBerry is a popular and useful smartphone. If you are a BlackBerry user, you veterinarian that you will have quick access to it all the time. You will also keep it safe when not in use. A specialized scrapbook is an answer.